5 Minute Interview with David Gallacher

How and why did you get involved with Irvine Beat FM? : I’ve always been interested in radio and was recruited to Irvine Beat FM by Andy Rutherford, who I met through hospital radio.

What are your favourite types of music? : A wide variety

Name your favourite artist(s) : Jake Bugg

Name your favourite album(s) : Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg

Name a song you can’t help singing along to : Everything

Favourite novelty song : D.I.V.O.R.C.E. by Billy Connolly

Which, if any, musical instruments can you play? : None, but I’ve always wanted to.

Can you sing? If so, what’s your Karaoke favourite? : No! But I sing Johnny Cash songs after a few shandies.

Irvine Meadow or Irvine Victoria? : Vics

What’s your favourite breakfast? : Cereal

What’s your favourite dinner? : Pizza

What’s your favourite biscuit? : Caramel Logs

If it’s my round, what drink should I get you? : If it’s your round, then a bottle of champagne.

If you have a day off and some cash in your pocket, what would you do? : Go to the pub.

When did you last have a lie-in? : A couple of weeks ago – it’s a rare thing

What are the last three things you bought? : A newspaper, some juice and a car

Do you follow any sport? : Football

What is Your Favourite Film? : Trainspotting

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