5 Minute Interview with Deborah Laurie

How and why did you get involved with Irvine Beat FM? : I have a love for radio and Irvine Beat FM gave me the chance to show that. The best local station around so it is a pleasure to be involved in it.

What are your favourite types of music? : I love all genres of music.

Name your favourite artist(s) : Adele, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce. and many more

Favourite concert(s)/gig(s) : I have been to so many concerts, of all the artists mentioned and many more! I could never choose a favourite as they are all amazing.

Can you sing? If so, what’s your Karaoke favourite? : I cannot sing for the life of me, however, I still love to do it! Favourite sing karaoke songs include Man I Feel Like a Woman and Valerie.

If someone visits Irvine for the first time, where MUST they go? : Vanilla Joe’s! I looove that place.

What’s your favourite breakfast? : I rarely eat breakfast – I tend to always be in a rush in the morning, but cereal is always an easy go to. However, could never turn down one of my mums fry-ups!

What’s your favourite dinner? : If we’re talking healthy dinner I love a good steak and mash with veg, however, in terms of a takeaway I have a local Chinese that is my go to and I loooove a pizza with donner meat, spiced onions and peppers along with a kebab sauce! It’s not for everyone but I could eat it everyday if it wasn’t for how much weight I’d gain from it.

What’s your favourite soup? : My aunt makes the best homemade soup, so any of hers are my favourite!

What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? : Forerro Rocher or Nutella. However, I recently discovered Scottish Tablet ice-cream and that is delicious!

What’s your favourite biscuit? : Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

What’s your favourite fruit? : Green grapes.

What’s your favourite vegetable? : Brocoli and Cauliflower or what I like to call them – trees and clouds.

If it’s my round, what drink should I get you? : Vodka Lemonade and Lime or a Sex on the Beach, depends on the night.

If you have a day off and some cash in your pocket, what would you do? : Go out for some food, perhaps a TGI Fridays or Nando’s.

When did you last have a lie-in? : Quite often, I love sleeping and long lies so I get them in whenever I can.

What are the last three things you bought? : A subway salad, an empire biscuit and probably something else food related.

Best holiday ever? : I went to Cyprus last year with my boyfriend and a couple of friends and that was amazing.

Do you follow any sport/teams? : I tend to just support the opposite of whoever my boyfriend is supporting just to be annoying.

Have you met anybody famous? : I have met a few however, last year I took the day off my work (in retail at the time) so I could go to an Adele concert, she then spoke about going into the shop I worked in at the concert so I missed that opportunity which makes me cry anytime I think of it!

Favourite film? : I have soo many, I love movies and going to the cinema so I couldn’t choose one I don’t think. My favourite I saw in cinema recently was Hacksaw Ridge, that was an amazing film.

Favourite TV shows? : Again, I have too many. Like films I love watching TV shows. They include things like Supernatural, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Power, Suits, The Vampire Diaries…I could go on all day.

Favourite Book? : Not a big reader however, I did enjoy the Twilight Series. 4 of very few books I have actually finished.

Do you look like any celebrities? : I love celebrities, I keep up to date with all the gossip around celebrities.

Are there any interesting anagrams of your name? :  Dab Hero, however I hate to dab lol.


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