5 Minute Interview with Jen Imrie

How and why did you get involved with Irvine Beat FM? : My college lecturer said it was a good idea to get as much experience as possible, as it’s radio I want to do “when I grow up” … so here I am! 🙂

What are your favourite types of music? : Bits of everything really… country, pop punk, pop, rock, inde…. the list goes on!

Name your favourite artist(s) : McFly, Taylor Swift, Tyler Hilton, Haim, P!nk, Emeli Sande, Nina Nesbitt….

Name your favourite album(s) : Radio:ACTIVE by McFly

Name a song that makes you hit “Repeat” when you listen to it : The Wire by Haim at the moment, but I do this connnnstantly and the song changes all the time!

Name a song you can’t help singing along to : Breaking Free by the High School Musical Cast! (It came on shuffle the other day when I was in the car..)

Favourite novelty song : Hoedown Throwdown (The Hannah Montana Movie)

Favourite concert(s)/gig(s) : Going to gigs is my favourite thing in the world and I go to as many as possible. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but I recently went down to London to see McFly’s 10th Anniversary Concert in the Royal Albert Hall. It was absolutely incredible and Matt Willis & James Bourne from Busted came on stage for a few songs. So right now, that’s my favourite!

Which, if any, musical instruments can you play? : a bit of piano and violin

Can you sing? If so, what’s your Karaoke favourite? : I can sing. That doesn’t mean to say I’m any good at it!!! Oooh Wannabe by the Spice Girls. Ziggah Ze Ah

What do you love about Irvine? : I love the fact that when you go into town, you always meet someone you know!

Best view(point) in Irvine? : The top of the big hill at the BeachPark. Look one way and you see Arran, and the other you see Troon

Irvine Meadow or IrvineVictoria? : Irvine Meadow

If someone visits Irvine for the first time, where MUST they go? : The beach!

What’s your favourite breakfast? : Endless cups of tea!

What’s your favourite dinner? : …..chicken nuggets. (still a 5 year old at heart)

What’s your favourite biscuit? : This changes constantly, at the moment its Bourbons!

If it’s my round, what drink should I get you? : Vodka Diet Coke or a Kopparberg!

If you have a day off and some cash in your pocket, what would you do? : Probably go to Glasgow for the day

When did you last have a lie-in? : I genuinely can’t remember. Been a busy bee recently!

What are the last three things you bought? : An Ariel the mermaid mug from the Disney shop, a tartan skirt and a caramel macchiato from Starbucks.

Do you play any sport? : Shopping and talking count, right?

Do you follow any sport/teams? : I watch tennis when Andy Murray’s playing!

Do you have a hero? : Fearne Cotton

Have you met anybody famous? : McFly, Jake Bugg, Tyler Hilton, All Time Low, City Stereo, Zoe Ball, Nina Nesbitt, Katie Sutherland (Pearl and The Puppets) 🙂

Who was your favourite interviewee? : Either Jennie Cook from Capital FM (I interviewed her for a documentary) or Katie Sutherland from Pearl and the Puppets

Who would you most like to interview? : Taylor Swift, McFly or Fearne Cotton

Do you have any secret talents? : I can tie cherry stalks with my tongue? Does that count as a talent?

Favourite film? : Calamity Jane, Just My Luck and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (actually..all of the Potters!)

Favourite TV shows? : One Tree Hill, The OC, FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries

Favourite Book? : The Harry Potter series and Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Favourite game? (board or video) : Sing Star… even though I can’t….

Do you look like any celebrities? : I dont think so.. but every time A Cinderella Story is on, my Gran says I look like Hilary Duff…. Hmmm

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