5 Minute Interview with John Laurie

How and why did you get involved with Irvine Beat FM? : I loved listening to it, decided I wanted to be on it and they said yes.

What are your favourite types of music? : Poppy dancy cheese

Name your favourite artist(s) : Abba, Simple Minds, Al Stewart

Name your favourite album(s) : ‘Year Of The Cat’ by Al Stewart.

Name a song that makes you hit “Repeat” when you listen to it : Carly Simon – Why

Name a song you can’t help singing along to : Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite

Favourite novelty song : Paloma Blanca (the George Baker Selection version obviously)

Favourite concert(s)/gig(s) : All three Suede gigs in the 90s. And Morrissey at Motherwell Civic circa 94.

Which, if any, musical instruments can you play? : Any instrument I like. Mostly can’t be bothered though as playing records on the radio is easier and more fun

What do you love about Irvine? : One of my best mates is from here.

Irvine Meadow or Irvine Victoria? : Irvine Meadow

What’s your favourite breakfast? : A fry up with dumpling

What’s your favourite dinner? : Steak and sausage pie

What’s your favourite biscuit? : Viscount

If it’s my round, what drink should I get you? : Quadruple vodka and coke

If you have a day off and some cash in your pocket, what would you do? : Buy 2 portable barbeques and head round to mates for feeding and watering

When did you last have a lie-in? : Right now

What are the last three things you bought? : Taxi to parents for tea, taxi to train station and taxi back from friend’s house

Have you met anybody famous? : Yes

Who is your favourite interviewee? : The late great Richard Whitely

Favourite Book? : Filth by Irvine Welsh

Do you look like any celebrities? : Bamber Gascoigne.

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