5 Minute Interview with Tommy Monaghan

How and why did you get involved with Irvine Beat FM? : I came from hospital radio and wanted the chance to be part of something exciting.

What are your favourite types of music? : Trance and feel good dance

Name your favourite artist(s) : Avici, Armin van Buuren

Name your favourite album(s) : Mirage the Remixes by Armin van Buuren, Discovery by Daft Punk

Name a song that makes you hit “Repeat” when you listen to it : Drowning Avici mix Armin van Buuren

Name a song you can’t help singing along to : Wake Me Up – Avici

Favourite novelty song : 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Favourite concert(s)/gig(s) : Genesis, Queen, Yes and AC/DC

Can you sing? If so, what’s your Karaoke favourite? : Badly! Anything.

What do you love about Irvine? : IBFM

Best view(point) in Irvine? : The seafront

Irvine Meadow or Irvine Victoria? : Irvine Meadow

If someone visits Irvine for the first time, where MUST they go? : Shopping centre

What’s your favourite breakfast? : Full Scottish breakfast

What’s your favourite dinner? : Steak and chips

What’s your favourite biscuit? : KitKat

If it’s my round, what drink should I get you? : Soft drink as I don’t drink

If you have a day off and some cash in your pocket, what would you do? : Shop

When did you last have a lie-in? : At weekends

What are the last three things you bought? : A pair of jeans, a meter and a CD

Best holiday ever? : Every one

Best day out? : Monte Carlo

Who would you most like to interview? : Beyonce

Favourite film? : Ghost

Favourite TV shows? : Dragons Den

Favourite Book? : Lord of the Rings

Favourite game? : Chess

Do you look like any celebrities? : Columbo

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