Jack Bennie

Jack Bennie


Jack Bennie – Irvine Beat FM

Every weekday between 11am and 12pm join Jack with The Golden Hour – can you guess the mystery year?

More about Jack…

How did you get into broadcasting?

Started my own radio station in 1994. It was part-time until 2000 when we won a full time licence which was called Castle Rock FM. I moved to West Sound in 2004 and then to Irvine Beat FM in 2010

Random encounter with any celebrity?

Far too many to mention but I did enjoy interviewing Gabrielle

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what question would you ask them?

Paul McCartney. Loads given the time.

Music preferences / influences?

Sixties and good dance music.

One surprising fact that your regular listeners may not know about you?

I once sang with a twenty piece orchestra in 1970 when I lived in London for a time.

Sum up Irvine in 6 words or less?


What movies do you like?

The Bond movies Carry on movies Die Hard movies